Terms of profit from YouTube 2022


 Terms of profit from YouTube 2022

With the increase in the use of the Internet, especially YouTube, the chances of profit from YouTube increase, as there are more than a billion users and views per day per hour, and it is easy to achieve these conditions that do not require equipment or experience, all you have to do is shoot videos from a mobile phone.

To make a profit from YouTube, some several conditions and mechanisms must be known, among the conditions for profit from YouTube are the following:

That the channel has more than 1,000 followers and works to increase subscribers in legitimate ways, and this condition is not limited to a certain period.

That you achieve 4,000 hours of public watch hours in the last year on your channel, which means focusing on the number of hours, not just the number of views, and you must pay attention that the videos are public and not private or unlisted. If you change the display level of the video from public to private, YouTube deletes the number of Watch hours automatically.

Activating the two-step verification feature to protect your account from hacking is one of the most important conditions for profit from YouTube; This is done by logging into your Google account management, entering security, and adding your phone number.

Thus, a 6-digit verification code will be sent, so if anyone tries to open your account, they can only enter the verification code that is sent on your phone.

Not to have any active warnings for violating the forum guidelines and the company’s laws, one of the most important conditions for profit from YouTube, if you violate one of the forum policies, a warning will be sent that does not affect the profit.

But in the event of any other violation, you will receive an active warning for a period of 90 days and it is not possible to profit during that period, and if the channel receives 3 active warnings, the channel will be closed permanently.

comply with all YouTube monetization policies; One of the most important conditions for profit from YouTube is that you create content from your photography without the use of others’ videos.

You must follow the Community Guidelines and don’t buy followers or views, and don’t impersonate a celebrity to get more views.

Standards must be adhered to. No videos of violence, harassment, sexual content, or inappropriate content will be shown.

Steps to start making money from YouTube

Some steps must be followed to earn money from YouTube and some of the resources required to make a profit from YouTube, are as follows:

Create a YouTube channel. You can create the channel by logging in from your Gmail account, then clicking the bar next to the YouTube logo in the left corner, and clicking My Channels from the drop-down list; A box will appear titled Set up your YouTube channel with your name highlighted, Update personal information.

To get the chance to see a free search change the default URL to a custom URL, adding your channel brand name.

Choosing the right domain (Niche) for the journey of making money from YouTube and the Internet is not short you can gain and increase views by doing something you love, and have a passion for and you can earn money by making people laugh at your pet.

Build your audience, where you can attract audience and views by providing real and distinctive content, and you will get many views at first if you rely on unreal prominent titles, but they will soon disappear.

If you are an expert in making money from YouTube, you can provide a video about your experience and explain your real profits to increase your credibility to your followers, and you can also earn money from ads, not through videos only.

How are YouTube channels reviewed?

For your YouTube channel to be reviewed, you must first create a Google Adsense account, and the review is done in 3 steps by agreeing to the provisions of the YouTube Partner Program, then linking the channel to the Google Adsense account, then the channel is under review, as it is reviewed by specialists, and approval of the channel may take 48 hours to a month.

A reviewer comes to your channel to verify that your content is correct and complies with YouTube’s policies. Specialists focus on aspects such as:

Channel core content is monetization or is it against our Community Guidelines.

Reviewers focus on the most viewed videos, and if they prove to be yours, the channel will be approved.

You have to be active and interested in the videos and be exclusive in your photography.

The largest percentage of watch time, the videos that focus on it are the ones that achieve the most views. If the video is 10 minutes and the watch rate is 60%, this means that the average watch rate is 6 minutes.

Video metadata such as title, description, and keywords. If they are incorrect and do not indicate the content of the video, the channel will often be disapproved.

How to make money from ads

Ads have existed since the inception of YouTube, and they play an important role in making money. After entering Google Adsense and completing the number of views who see ads, then you need to join YouTube partners.

Money can be earned by subscribing to YouTube Premium where YouTube Premium users can watch videos without ads and instead of getting money from advertising revenue.

Any premium users who watch the videos can also get a discount on the subscription fee, but this does not bring in much money.

Money can be made through marketing products, the key here is not the views but the key is the real relationship with viewers who trust you

Terms of posting a video on YouTube

Below I will include all the conditions you need to fulfill to start earning from YouTube:

Your YouTube channel must comply with some YouTube policies.

“YouTube’s Monetization Policies”.

It is a set of standards and laws that all participants in the YouTube Partner Program must adhere to and not violate.

They are standards and laws relating to integrity, and honor, and not misleading or endangering others.

It is worth noting that these standards and policies are in effect from the beginning, many do not care about them, but they are a basic requirement for the conditions of earning YouTube profits and the continuation of these profits, and because of this, many Arab channels are banned and the profits due are lost.

1- Forum orientation (politics and security)

It is a set of general guidelines on the nature of acceptable content on YouTube and a list of the types of content that are not.

These guidelines are mandatory for all YouTube video providers… even if you don’t participate in the YouTube program, you can find them in detail on the official YouTube page.

2- Terms of Service

It is a set of YouTube terms of use in general, and by the way, of interest to all YouTube users, whether they are viewers or content makers, and you can learn about them in detail on the official YouTube page

3- AdSense Program Policies

To start making money from your channel, you must participate in the Google AdSense for Google program, this program has its policies that you must also comply with to accept

4- Guidelines for advertiser-friendly content

We mentioned earlier that YouTube’s monetization policies are divided into four parts, and the first part was for general guidelines for posting content on YouTube and is for any video posted on YouTube, even if you don’t participate and don’t appear on your ads.

These guidelines are also specific to the nature of acceptable and unacceptable content but are more specific and specific to channel owners whose channels appear to any participant in the show

 Terms of publishing on YouTube

1_ You must be residing in a country that allows YouTube

Be based in a country where the YouTube Subscriber and Provider Program is available.

This is one of the most important conditions for posting a video on YouTube, a condition that has installed a lot of young people around the world, simply because YouTube offers the YouTube Partner Program to a group of countries around the world, not to all countries of the world.

To discover if your land is ready for the program or not, you must visit the formal Google page

2_ Reach 4000 watch hours

Your channel has received 4,000 hours of public viewership over the past year.

It is this case of YouTube earnings that baffles many, which is why we will break it down for you so that there is no confusion in understanding it again.

The condition here is related to achieving a confirmed number of viewing hours 

Let’s agree that YouTube sets a certain period to reach the required number of views, and it is often 12 months.

Here, YouTube will look at your channel history for the past 12 months and calculate the total hours of views to make sure the condition applies or not, but the popular question many ask is should I wait a whole year for any condition to apply?

The answer is no, you don’t have to wait an entire year for the condition to be met, but YouTube has set a valid year for views, and to understand that clearly, I’ll also give an example.

You have had a channel since January 2018 and during 2018, the channel achieved 2000 hours of the audience, but for some reason, your channel stopped gaining more views (maybe because you trust the trend strategy to collect views and the trend is gone and no one cares about the videos).

And for some reason, by uploading more than one video in a year, your channel only gets 3000 hours of watch time.

And at the beginning of the second year and you’re about to get into the YouTube Partner Program, here’s your channel’s total views of 2800 hours, but you haven’t met the condition yet, because your channel hasn’t achieved 4000 in the last 12 months.

Note: According to YouTube itself, views that count are public, so a Views Verification will not count.

Conditions that must be met to upload YouTube videos and profit from them

1_ Your channel has at least 1000 subscribers

YouTube will not accept my channel from the YouTube Partner Program unless you have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

We point out here that having only 1,000 subscribers may not be enough, because there is a possibility that some subscribers will cancel their subscription in the period between submitting the subscription request and responding.

So I highly recommend that you don’t start sending out an application unless you exceed 1000 subscribers of the right number, and anyway, you will soon understand that getting 1000 subscribers is not the right goal anyway.

It should be noted that this condition and the previous condition of YouTube’s earning terms are new and are effective only from the beginning of 2018.

2_ You must have a Google AdSense account

As Google AdSense is a subsidiary of Google and specializes in providing an opportunity for publishers to make money, not only are they making a profit through YouTube channels, but Google AdSense earnings are also available to their earning site owners.

3- Fulfilling the 4000-hour condition

Once you meet the conditions of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours, you can access the Google AdSense subscription link from your channel.

Why does YouTube put these conditions for posting a video on YouTube?

The answer is simply that YouTube wants success like any other great site, and success cannot be achieved without regulation and laws.

We can divide the YouTube benefits terms into a section related to respecting laws and policies, and a section related to the seriousness that requires harvesting a certain amount of traffic and subscribers, and accordingly, we can break down the reasons why YouTube sets these terms.

Reasons for determining terms of use and content publishing policies

Most of YouTube’s policies are related to not posting content that violates violence or exploitation of children, contains sexual innuendos, or promotes prohibited products such as drugs or weapons.

Almost all of these social media sites have these policies, but they are also policies in place for many sites that rely on audiences to create content.

With insight, you will find that these policies are very important in making YouTube a safe place for its users, of course, will bring in more users, and therefore it is in everyone’s interest.

Reasons for setting conditions for 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

The YouTube Partner Program was filled with millions of discouraged participants, who counted in the program only numerically but were not practically active.

So, in early 2018, YouTube created these two conditions, so if you are serious about YouTube earnings, then it is normal to have followers, you will easily get 1000 subscribers on your channel, and you will keep posting new videos and publishing your YouTube channel.

This will definitely eventually lead to more views, and you will be able to reach 4000 watch hours automatically without you intending to override the status, and your focus will be mainly on success.

At the end of this part we can conclude that the terms of YouTube earnings are supposed to work for you and not against you, so do not treat them because they are obstacles, but rather treat them as laws that you must abide by as if you were an employee of a company.

It should be noted here that the terms of 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers cannot be considered goals in themselves, and this is a mistake made by many Arab YouTube channel owners.

My advice to you in this regard is to focus on constantly creating new content, working on building an audience, and trying to make the best videos you can, to become a truly successful YouTuber, you need to work on improving yourself constantly.

You should also understand that there are many other ways to monetize on YouTube without AdSense, which you can use to monetize your channel as you work towards fulfilling the terms.

Tips to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours

1_ Create a channel about something you love

This is the main ingredient that will help you keep going.

Paying attention to what you offer on your YouTube channel will give you the motivation you need to keep going and help you get results faster because you’re working on something you love.

2_ Make sure you are qualified to work as a YouTuber

One of the reasons for failure in life in general, and in the Internet world in particular, is working in specialties and fields that do not match our skills, abilities, or knowledge.

Of course, no human being can succeed in something that his abilities are not capable of.

In the world of YouTube, you also find many young Arabs trying to create YouTube channels, and you soon realize that they are not achieving anything successfully.

When you examine these reasons for failure, you will find that many people enter the YouTube game by imitating others, looking for quick fame, or other subjective reasons.

Yes, benefiting from the experiences of others is an important component of success on YouTube, and the pursuit of fame is a legitimate right for everyone (with some reservations), but in any case, real success cannot be built on YouTube with these two reasons alone.

But success on YouTube depends on passion and interest on the one hand, and knowledge and the necessary skills, abilities, and tools on the other hand.

And here we conclude our article, which revolved around the topic of conditions for publishing a video on YouTube. We hope that we have mentioned all the information that was received about these conditions, and all our gratitude and thanks to our valued followers.


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