How do you make money from YouTube


 How do you make money from YouTube? How do you earn money from YouTube? And the latest updates

How do you make money from YouTube? How do you earn money from YouTube? And the latest updates for 2022, you can learn about them in detail via the website

As we will provide you in this article with a complete guide on how to profit from YouTube, especially as it has spread

The idea of ​​creating channels on YouTube and profiting from it after the Corona crisis and the recession that occurred, so we will address this issue from several aspects.

How do you make money on YouTube?

How do you make money on YouTube?

We will start by explaining the detailed steps of how to make money from YouTube, including the method of creating a channel on YouTube. In this step, you must determine the direction of the channel and the ideas you presented to it, as well as ideas for making videos on the channel, then these steps come:

Sign in to your Google account and after entering you will see a window with the word your channel or your channel.

The step of choosing an appropriate name for your channel and registering it with it comes in this step.
Then comes the step of customizing the channel, changing an appropriate photo for the account, and then placing the cover photo.
Then the step of creating your videos and uploading them to the channel.

How do you earn money from YouTube?

You have to think of a new creative idea and go out of the ordinary to help you spread.

It is necessary to possess skills and programs to be able to edit videos through them or to seek the assistance of a video editing specialist.

Update your channel and regularly upload videos to get more followers
Uploading the video to your channel and marketing it to increase the number of views and, accordingly, the number of followers of the channel.
Placing an advertised email for easy communication with the channel.
Link the channel to other links such as Facebook or the website.

Choose the form of ads that can appear in the channel.
The number of subscribers must be more than 1000 subscribers.
It is preferable to create a long video to allow adding ad breaks that increase views.

You can become a blogger and post videos about your daily life, and interests and capture moments of your life.

Open an Adsense account and link it to the channel.

You should not violate YouTube’s policy, YouTube is strict in this matter, and your channel may cost you, including not using a misleading name for the channel domain, not violating copyright, and the need to maintain the quality of my channel’s content.

Create a Google Adsense account

How to open a Google Adsense account

nt through the Google website, then start creating the account and activate the account via PayPal or your bank account and a valid email, then complete the data to activate the account.

How to get views on your channel

The need to create good content for the videos with the addition of a distinctive title.
You can have your camera to shoot whatever you want anywhere.
Smart channel marketing by promoting the channel on social media and posting on blogs.

Increase views and monetization by clicking on the Monetization tab and clicking on Monetize with Ads.

After uploading the video to the channel, open the Video Manager and press the $ sign next to the video, click on Monetization with ads

You can also increase the number of views by registering on the AddMeFast website and activating your account.

Tips to improve viewing on your channel

Set keywords for videos.
Upload videos to the channel regularly.
Create video tags.
Add music at the beginning of the video.
Upload videos of popular events.
Upload videos to social networking sites.

How to get money from YouTube

The money you earned from your channel is received through your Google Adsense account, but the account must be activated via a PIN code sent to you.

After that comes the step of entering the settings and selecting the payment method, and you will find several available methods and options used in Arab countries such as Western Union, which is the best way to receive or receive a check through the mail of your country.

After your winnings reach $100, you will send your details and card image to Google to enable you to withdraw your winnings.

How to get money from YouTube wanting Google Adsense

You can sell products by displaying them on the channel, promoting them, and then getting a profit. You can also promote the products of others.

Your channel can be used to advertise other companies and brands and profit from your partnership with them.

Sponsors pay you a fixed amount for advertising to them on the videos on your channel with a link that lets them know that the person made the purchase through you and then you get a commission.

How much does youtube pay for a million views?

Determining the channel’s profit depends on the age of the followers and the type of channel activity, so the channel can earn $10 and maybe $1. For example, you can benefit if you cover global events or talk about the world of art or sports.

We also find that children’s channels gain views thousands of times higher, and entertainment channels can earn $1,000 for a million views compared to $10 for economy and politics channels.

It should be noted that the number of subscribers to the most important channel does not matter the number of views, YouTube pays for viewing, but, naturally, a channel with 10,000 subscribers has greater chances of getting 1,000 views than a channel with 1,000 subscribers.

How to earn money from YouTube with Amazon Influencer

The Amazon Influencer program is one of the most popular monetization programs for profit. The program takes advantage of your channel and influencer presence on YouTube to make recommendations for Amazon products and thus earn money for you.

After subscribing to the Amazon program, you can choose products and recommend your channel viewers to buy via Amazon affiliate links, and after views, you will get a commission ranging from 8: to 10%.

Check your YouTube Analytics

After uploading the videos to the channel and making a profit, and after fulfilling the previous conditions and steps, you can see an analysis of the channel’s level and how to raise its efficiency. You can also know the opinion of the participants about what you offer and help you update the channel and the method.

Click Analytics in the side menu, where you can see estimated channel revenue, ad performance, views, and other more detailed data.
Become a YouTube partner

YouTube Partners can be defined as premium members who have videos with very high views, and they can partner with YouTube on the following:

Get permissions and tools to create content.

The partnership enables them to get support and advice from YouTube staff.

You can apply for a YouTube partnership after you get 15,000 watch hours in the last 90 days and then apply for a YouTube partnership through the YouTube Partners page.

Important updates in profit from YouTube from the beginning of 2022

Although YouTube sets conditions for profit from your channel, which are 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours, from the beginning of 2022 these numbers will decline.

YouTube required the channels to clarify their content and whether it was suitable for children or not.

Profits on children’s channels will be stopped based on the Children’s Protection Law, as well as stopping comments on children’s channels’ videos and hiding the number of channel subscribers.

The idea of ​​how to make money from YouTube has become a common thing, especially among those who have become famous and have a significant number of followers, and once you get a high number of visits with profit, you can apply to become a YouTube partner.


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