How to use Google Maps for your business marketing


 How to use Google Maps for your business marketing

To market your business using Google Maps, you must follow these steps:

1- Open an account for your business on Google Business

Google provides a free application for commercial activities, which is Google My Business, through which you will open an account for your business and record all data related to the project, such as the address of the place, methods of communication, working hours, customer evaluations, the type of service provided or the type and quality of the product, and this application easily allows control In your work and add all the data that improve the appearance of your project to reach the highest levels of viewing and classification.

2- Add a clear address for your business

The title of the project should be clear and detailed so that it is easily accessible.

3- Determine the main activity of your project

When someone reviews your business on Google Maps, you will receive a Google My Business notification and the opportunity to leave a response.

1. Verify your business profile on Google

For a business listing to appear on Google Maps, you must first verify your business profile. Verification is a simple process to confirm that you are the business owner and that you are authorized to edit the listing. Unverified business listings do not appear on Google Maps (but unclaimed listings that already exist do), so it’s worth completing the verification process to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with users looking for a business like yours.

Once your Business Profile has been verified on Google listing, you can share and update key information about your business, which includes:

  • company logo
  • business category
  • business address
  • phone number
  • website link
  • opening hours
  • photos

For best results, be sure to provide as much information as possible in your Business Profile.

2. Pay attention to user reviews

Google Maps offers the opportunity for users to leave written reviews and a five-star rating for the businesses they visit. When potential customer views your business listing on Google Maps, they can see individual reviews and star ratings left by users, as well as an overall score (the combined average of all user star ratings). To stand out on Google Maps, it’s a good idea to pay attention to these reviews, as they can have a big impact on whether someone decides to visit your business or another one instead.

When someone reviews your business on Google Maps, you will receive a Google My Business notification and the opportunity to leave feedback. If a satisfied customer has left a note about the good service they received, you could respond by thanking them and saying that you hope to see them again soon. The reviewer shall exist notified of your echo.  Consider placing a sign-up near your checkout, inviting people to leave you a Google review, or mentioning you in your newsletter or on your social media pages to encourage more reviews from satisfied customers.

Sometimes you will also find dissatisfied customers leaving negative reviews on your profile. When this happens, respond to their concerns as constructively as possible and invite them to get in touch so you can correct the situation. From your response, potential customers looking for reviews on your profile will see that you are committed to your customers and care about providing good service, even if someone wasn’t satisfied with their experience this time.

3. Enhance your profile with photos

Photos are a quick and easy way for potential customers to get an impression of a business and research shows that businesses with photos receive 42% more address requests on Google Maps. Posting images builds trust in your business and gives potential customers an idea of what to expect when they visit. Photos are particularly important on Google Maps, where people often browse on their smartphones and make decisions quickly. Make sure your cover photo is visually appealing and includes images of the exterior and interior of your business, as well as some images of your products and friendly staff members.

Keep your business profile on Google listing looking up-to-date by sharing new photos regularly. You can also include photos when you use Business Profile posts to share updates about a new product, event, or special offer on your business listing. While you don’t need to spend money on a professional photographer to get the most out of your photos, post clear, good-quality photos. Blurry or poorly taken photos are unlikely to reflect well on your brand or help you achieve your business goals.

4. Select the right business category

all business on Google Maps has a business class connected to their role. This helps potential customers understand what type of business they can expect to find at the location in question, such as a restaurant, bar, landmark, or shopping mall. To attract people interested in your products or services, it’s important to make sure your business category correctly represents what you do.

Depending on your type of business, you will have access to different features for your Google business profile. Hotels, for example, can display their class rating and showcase services such as spas, pools, and gyms, while restaurants can add menus, URLs for reservations, and online ordering. Health and beauty companies can add service menus and reservation buttons. By ensuring accuracy and providing potential customers with all the information they need, your business stands a better chance of staying on Google Maps.

on Google Maps.

This information included in your profile could be the difference between someone visiting your business or another when they are searching for the perfect location on Google Maps.  promote the possibility of customers choosing you by making your business profile shine.

You must talk about your project well and define the service or product you provide, the reason for choosing this field, and your competitive advantages, and you must use the language and method of speech that easily reaches your target customers.

4- Determining the scope of the commercial activity

Many businesses are located in a specific place, but their services can cover a larger place, for example, by providing express delivery services such as fast food and pizza shops. My Business.

5- Add the other categories of your business field

When determining the type of activity for your project, you must enter the main category of the activity, and then add other sub-categories that can be presented in your project to improve the level of your project in search engines.

6- Add photos of your business

You must add distinctive images on your account from your project or product, to attract customers to you and to improve your profile on Google Maps.

7- Add customer comments

A lot of customer comments must be added to the business with your Google account to attract customers, to increase competition with other similar activities, as these comments affect customer decisions positively or negatively, and these comments will appear next to a project when you search for it in Google, so the It is better if these comments are in your favor.

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Advantages of Marketing Using Google Maps

Google provides the digital marketing feature for your business by locating the project’s geographic location using Google Maps, where the location is determined by the tools available on the maps. You can also add a specific poster that expresses the content of the activity, and this method of e-marketing is not limited to major companies only. Still, it has become available For all projects, even small ones.

The goal of the digital marketing method via Google Maps is to make your project appear in the lists of search engines when a customer searches for a specific product or service of your business on Google, and it also allows consumers to easily reach your project by introducing the project location and better clarification The methods available to reach you.

In the conclusion of our topic on how to use Google Maps in marketing your business, we have provided you with the information that interests you about that topic that you will such as it and benefit of.


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