How to promote a Facebook page for free in 2022


How to promote a Facebook page for free in 2022

Promote the Facebook page for free in 2022, and how is the fake visa card linked to Facebook to promote the page? You can find out more about it on our website

As many people think that promoting a Facebook page needs a person with knowledge, a specialist, and an expert in the field of marketing, but anyone can promote a Facebook page for free in 2022

Free Facebook page promotion 2022

Facebook has become a very huge advertising platform, which is very similar to google ads.

There may be an increase in the number of Facebook ads than the number of Google ads, as a result of the popularity of Facebook.

Facebook is one of the largest and most famous websites in the world and the Middle East. Facebook is the third largest website in terms of the number of visitors in the Middle East.

Promoting a Facebook page for free in 2022 requires the person to have a way to pay for it online.

The person uses online payment to pay all that is required to promote his page through sponsored ads.

Facebook provides the feature of online payment through Visa cards or Master Card, and Visa or MasterCard cards are available and available to everyone.

The relationship of the bin code to the promotion of the Facebook page for free in 2022

The bin code is only a special number for a particular bank in a specific country, and it is an identification number that usually contains 6 digits.

The bin code is used in visa cards because through it the individual can make many fake visa cards.

Many people use the bin code for Facebook or bin Facebook ads to promote the Facebook page for free in 2022 through funded ads.

How is the bin code for Facebook used to promote a Facebook page?

A Facebook pin code must be used for the Facebook page to be promoted.

The person must enter the Namsogen website and this website shows the numbers of random visa cards.

The appearance of visa card numbers on Namsogen depends on the bin Facebook code, which is concerned with promoting the Facebook page.

After entering the Namsogen website, there will be several fields that do not contain anything.

It is written in the empty bin Facebook ads field to promote the Facebook page for free in 2022.

You must press the Generate button, which means generating fake visa card numbers.

The results will be displayed and this list of results contains a large number of fake visa cards.

To promote the Facebook page, you need to make copies of the Visa card from the cards that appeared in the results.

How is the fake visa card linked to Facebook to promote the page?

The person must download Facebook Lite to link the fake visa card to Facebook and then promote the page.

The person has to create a new account for him and then send a friend request to his main Facebook account.

An editor is created on the page by uploading the new Facebook account.

The page must be entered through the new Facebook account.

The person goes to the post on the page you want to promote.

Click on the word “Promote the post”.

Some of the options that need to be done will appear such as firstly choosing the currency, secondly setting the international targeting of the person, thirdly setting interests, and fourthly choosing the payment method.

The currency must be changed to USD, the promotion takes effect for one day only, and an amount of 300 USD can be added to make a big promotion for the page.

When the person presses the fourth option, which is the payment method, it will appear to him that he has to enter the cnpj number for any person whose residence is mostly in the state of Brazil.

The conj – bin Facebook number is 06933528000108, after which the following button is pressed.

Entering the visa card details that were on the Namsogen website and copied will be written when some blank fields appear.

The person clicks follow and then waits for their Facebook page to be promoted.

The importance of bin Facebook ads works every day

bin Facebook ads are a very important thing on Facebook, especially in the process of promoting a page on it.

If there is an error in bin Facebook ads or an old one, the new Facebook account will be locked.

In every attempt to promote a Facebook page for free, a new bin of Facebook ads must be obtained.

How to make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook 2022 and the payment settings in sponsored ads

What do you need to do for a sponsored advertisement on Facebook?

To be able to make a funded advertisement on Facebook 2022, you must possess some things that cannot be done without advertising, and these things are:

1- An electronic payment method

The first thing you must have to know about how to make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook 2022 is the electronic payment card.

The type of card Facebook accepts payment with varies depending on the country in which you reside.

Facebook provides the ability to know the payment method that it accepts through the country in which you reside, all you have to do is write the name of your country and it shows you all the cards that Facebook accepts to pay for sponsored ads.

2- Facebook page

To know how to make a funded advertisement on Facebook 2022, you must have a page on Facebook and you are responsible for it.

If you do not have a Facebook page, create a page according to the purpose you want to market for, and you must know your audience well to target the audience for advertising correctly.

If you have a website, you can make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook without having to create a page on it.

3- Marketing objective

Anyone who wants to promote the product they are selling or the service they provide has a specific marketing objective, such as increasing sales or being popular in the market and making people know their name. Among the most important marketing objectives pursued by many users:

Attracting the attention of many customers, and making them request the service or product that he sells.

Increasing the number of views of videos made by many talents or entrepreneurs.

Increase the number of downloads for applications created by programmers.

Increase the number of likes and followers for your Facebook page.

Increase engagement on a page’s post.

How to make a sponsored advertisement on Facebook 2022?

Enter your email and your password to be able to access your personal Facebook page.

You will find three lines below some of them in the upper left of the screen, click on them, and choose “Create an ad”.

You will be taken to a new window with the Ads Manager.

Here you will have to set the ad specification you want to make, by entering the Ads Manager settings.

The first thing you need to define is the time unit, which is chosen based on the region you live in and the audience you want to target.

The second thing is the currency. Select the currency in which you will pay, and Facebook accepts more than one Arab currency such as the dinar, the Egyptian pound, and the Saudi riyal.

Next, select your type of business, type in your company’s name and address, and select the country in which the company is located.

How is the bin code for Facebook used to promote a Facebook page?

Also, do not forget to adjust the settings for the pages you want to make a sponsored advertisement for, in case you have more than one page on Facebook.

Payment settings in sponsored ads

To know how to make a funded advertisement on Facebook 2022, you must adjust the payment settings for the advertisement you want to do.

You can add a new payment method at any time if you change your payment method, or if you want to change the currency in which you pay.

Add your payment card number, and make sure that the number is entered correctly by the message that will appear to you that the card has been added successfully.

In this section where you set your payment method, you can also set the email address where you want to receive push notifications.

Marketing objectives when making a funded advertisement on Facebook

When making a funded advertisement on Facebook, we determine the goal of making our funded advertisement and the options that Facebook offers you are:

Awareness, and in this choice, people who are interested in your business or the service you provide are targeted.

Interests are sponsored ads designed to increase website traffic, increase app downloads, increase video views, or increase engagement.

Conversions are for people who want to increase their sales or increase the number of visits to their pages.

Choose the goal for which you want to create the funded ad, and click Continue.

Adjust sponsored advertising options

After we have defined the marketing objectives, and how to make a funded advertisement on Facebook 2022, we will mention to you the most important options that you must adjust after setting the marketing objectives.

A rectangle will appear on the right of the page, which is for the advertising advertisement, and this name will appear in the reports for the sponsored advertisement.

The rectangle that appears to you in the middle of the screen is for website visits, and we want to make a Facebook ad now, so we will deactivate this feature.

Dynamic design rectangle in which you can add some designs, titles, and videos to attract the largest number of Facebook users and this feature can be turned off if none of the previous files have been added.

Rectangle view, which is for offers when the user clicks on the ad and visits the website.

The audience rectangle is the most important in the Facebook sponsored ad options because it allows your ad to appear to people interested in your service.

Facebook allows you to choose the audience you targeted in your previous ad campaign or renewal and choose another audience you want to target.

Select the country whose audience you want to target, specifying the gender of the audience, male or female, and the age you want to target based on the service you provide, and you can also specify the interests of the audience you want to target.

You can target your friends on your personal Facebook account or exclude them from the target audience of your sponsored ad.

The sixth rectangle allows you to choose where you want your ad to appear, and you can set the default mode on Facebook.

The seventh rectangle is for the budget you want to spend on the sponsored ad and defines the start and end date of the ad.

Facebook will also ask you about the price per click on the ad, and you can set the maximum you want to pay so that you don’t exceed the amount you allocate for the paid ad.

Adjust the advertisement shown to users

Enter a name for the ad you want to promote, which is different from the name you initially set.

Choose whether you want to make the ad on an existing post, or make the ad for a new post.

Add your page where you want to post the ad.

Facebook will place the ad format that appears in front of the audience for you to preview, if you do not have any problems with it, click on Confirm.

We are now in the era of modern technology, and many people who provide services or sell a specific commodity do advertisements on social media, so we knew how to make a funded advertisement on Facebook 2022.


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