How much does youtube pay per thousand views in 2022


How much does youtube pay per thousand views in 2022

How much does YouTube pay per thousand views in 2022 and what are the factors on which profits are determined? As YouTube has become one of the most popular platforms in which content owners can display their specialization, and after fulfilling the conditions, it is possible to profit through it, and there are some factors through which the profit of the channel is determined, so through the next topic presented to you from our site we will present the answer to a question how much Youtube pays per thousand views 2022?

How much does youtube pay per thousand views in 2022

Many people think that YouTube is constantly paying dollars for views, but in fact, many are unaware that YouTube does not give dollars for the number of views, as the channel can record thousands of views and shares without getting any dollars.

This is because the profit on the YouTube platform depends on one of the features called the monetization feature, and it is activated after fulfilling all the required conditions, and the profit is made in only two cases. We mention them to you in detail in the following lines, in addition to answering the question of how much YouTube pays per thousand views in 2022

The first way to earn from YouTube

Profit is made on YouTube through ads. When you add ads to your pure content, you can in this case profit from YouTube, and the ads are added for about 5 seconds and then the viewer can skip them.

Therefore, the number of viewers for this ad is calculated, and the profits are estimated based on the number of views of the ads, and these earnings differ from each country to the other and also differ based on the type of ad.

For videos whose content is Arabic, every thousand viewers are calculated as about 33 cents as a minimum and 90 cents as a maximum, and for videos with English content, a thousand viewers are at a minimum of 3 dollars and a maximum of 10.

YouTube also pays a profit value that starts from about half a dollar and up to $ 6 per thousand viewers. Youtube calculates the profits according to the visits to the ads, so if your channel has recorded one hundred thousand viewers within a week. If you are not activating the profit feature, your channel will not reap any profits.

The second way to earn from YouTube

This case depends on the viewer’s pressure on the ad, or if he watched the ad for 30 seconds, and the two cases are similar, because watching for 30 seconds is considered like clicking on the ad, and in that case, YouTube pays profits that start from half a dollar and reach 10 dollars Could be more.

For Arabic content, the price of clicking on the ad or watching it for 30 seconds is very little, ranging from 1 cent to 6 cents, and the price depends on the advertisement, so the Arabic contents have to get millions of views so that they can make appropriate profits from the channel.

Youtube profit factors per thousand viewers

After we got to know the answer to the question of how much YouTube pays for every thousand views in 2022, we will now learn about the factors through which these profits are determined. There are several factors in which the percentage of profit from YouTube varies, and these factors are:

The figure of the times the ad was shown.

viewer country.

Channel content.

We will present each of these factors in the following lines.

The number of ad impressions is the number of times the ad appears in one video and does not mean the number of views of the ad or video, and the number of times the ad appears in the video depends on the number of participants in your channel and their interest in the video content, and the more views, the higher the number Commercial ads.

Also, the more popular the channel, the more videos, the more ads, and therefore more profits, but beware that the ads are exaggerated within one video so that the viewer does not get bored and cancel his subscription to the channel.

channel content

One of the factors that affect the channel’s earnings per 1000 views is its content, for example, channels whose content is entertaining, whether it is funny clips of animals or people, are among the least profitable channels, because few of the followers of that content are interested in advertisements that appear on the video; This results in less revenue per 1000 viewers.

In other words, if you are not famous or have a large number of subscribers, it is difficult to make appropriate profits. For the channels that make profits, the channels that specialize in a particular field such as cars, photography, or books, the profits of these channels are many times the entertainment channels per 1000 viewers.

So if you want to create a YouTube channel, in the first plan, you must choose the appropriate content for you, and the plan must be clearly defined in front of you, and here are some areas in which you can get a good return for every 1000 viewers through it.

Technology: This content is the best, and explanations are presented on technical, marketing, and technological topics.

How to profit from YouTube for beginners in detail and how to achieve high viewership rates

The method of profit from YouTube for beginners in detail. Many owners of channels on the YouTube platform seek to know, as the method of profit has spread through the use of the Internet in general, and one of the methods of profit that generates great profits is profit through YouTube, which is one of the most popular ways to profit on YouTube. Internet in general

How to earn money from YouTube for beginners in detail

When you create your own YouTube channel, the first thing you think about is attracting a large number of public interactions to the success of this channel, and that is through a diplomatic response to your comments.

You must also take care of meeting the wishes of the masses and display the videos that they ask to see. You must also take care that the videos that you display do not contain any prohibitions from publishing, and after taking into account all of this, you must follow the following steps:

The first step is to create your own YouTube channel, and this is done through your Google account.
Care must be taken to choose the account well because the name of the account must be appropriate to the name of the channel that you will create and be suitable for the content presented in this channel.

If the video is not good at first, don’t worry because with experience your videos will improve.

Good must be used while shooting video.

How do I benefit from YouTube and get a large viewership?

You should share the link and share your video on various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get as many views as possible.

How to make real money from the Internet

Several steps must be adhered to be able to make profits through the Internet, and they are as follows:

To make big profits, you must initially get ten thousand views, but at first, click on the box that says Monetize with Ads.

After you download the clip, enter the video manager, click on $, and then click on the profitable monetization through advertising.

After that, your Google Adsense account is created, and this account is free, just click on subscribe.

After subscribing to Google Adsense, it is confirmed through the data that you are over 18 years old to register your data.

After that, you are asked to choose the method by which you can obtain your account, if it is via Western Union, or send the account to any of your banks.

how to calculate youtube earnings

Of course, all that matters to you at the moment is how to calculate YouTube profits, and that is through the following:

But you do not need to worry because this amount will increase if you increase the number of your views.

If you upload videos and earn money, you must read the analyzes to benefit from these analyzes.

Analytics will be found in the menu at the top of the channel, which will show you the number of views of this video, and it will also put the geographic factors that will take into account several factors in your video.

You should learn well how to market your channel, and this is done by creating a blog or placing some links for videos on other sites.

Youtube Accounting Method

The method of accounting on YouTube is done through the following:

YouTube will pay you about half a dollar to two dollars for every thousand views.

The YouTube site sets the amount of the watched place, the number of viewers, and the strength of the channel.

It is said that earning through YouTube is not easy, because it is easy to get money without making any effort.

But the most difficult thing is to attract the largest number of viewers and to continue to attract this number of people, and this will require some time and experience from you.

If you have a certain talent, you can take advantage of this talent to make the largest possible profit, because you will get several views on your talent.

You can display content that benefits viewers, and at the same time will benefit you financially, such as:

Presenting a lecture on the English language, or a new and easy recipe method, and other things that attract viewers.


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