Top 20 best email support jobs from home $15+/h


Physical letters disappeared a long time ago, as the 21st century is the age of the Internet. 


And who can now think of living their life without connecting with friends and colleagues via email?

Well, let’s leave the communication part aside! But can you believe us if we tell you that we have reviewed some of the well-paying email support jobs that you can easily do without leaving the comfort of your home? Amazing, isn’t it?

Trust us; there are several such legitimate websites available today where you need to write a few emails every day to earn money.

But even after the assurance of legitimacy, most of us are still worried about the payment part. aren’t we?

Believe it or not, there are many companies that pay a good hourly rate, even better than the market standard in many cases.

But yes, it can be quite difficult to correctly identify those websites that are legitimate and also pay in a timely manner.

To solve these problems, we tested hundreds of sites before summarizing these top 20 sites. So, without more, let’s dive in!

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The best email support jobs to work from home.

We own only chosen these websites that are here paid more than the customary mart standards. And we did it just to make sure that you get the right reward for your efforts. So, let’s get started!

1. Live sales staff

With the highest growth rate in the US, live sales staffing is really the best where you can get the well-paying chat and email processing jobs.

As the firm herself says, it has the “highest quality North American operators” on board.

So, without even saying it, you must have understood that you must be top of the line to take advantage of this opportunity.

This company supports all major ERP and CRM, including Salesforce and Zendesk.

So, if you have prior experience with these, the golden ticket is just a step ahead. But unfortunately, Live Salesforce currently only hires independent contractors from the US.

In addition to having excellent communication skills and native-level English proficiency, you must also have good writing skills to be selected.

You can certainly do this from your home office if you have excellent Internet connectivity and an up-to-date laptop or PC. But yes, you must still go through a fully paid 14-day training period after selection.

Although there is no fixed hourly rate, you can certainly get around $10 per hour. The hourly pay varies greatly depending on the project, your skill, and your completion rate.

But yes, several freelance agents have already reported that they are currently earning around $500 per month while working for this company.

2. Buffer

More than a million public worldwide yet depend on stop to creek their posts on public media platforms.

It actually supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms. And this society actually has a 93% client satisfaction rate.

They too realize a 35% echo average within an hour. But do you know how?

They often hire talented people for their email support jobs whom they call Happiness Hero and Customer Champions.

Although the opportunity is home-based, you’ll get several additional benefits on top of an attractive hourly rate.

All you need is a good computer order with rise-speed Internet connectivity to get started. You must also have excellent communication skills with decent typing speed.

After your initial selection, you must participate in their 45-day training program called Buffer Bootcamp. Keep an eye on their Journey segment for current openings.

3. Site5

As Site5 herself suggests, it is “hosting at earnest web designers” and passionate bloggers.

In addition to traditional web hosting, it now also offers reseller hosting and fully managed VPS services.

From 24-hour recovery backup to full-day support, it also offers unparalleled after-sales support to all of its customers.

To cope with its growing clientele, this company is now hiring support agents. In addition to the usual email and chat support, it may also have to handle some phone calls.

So you need customer-facing competence with unmatched communication skills to crack the screening process. But once you do, you can easily get around $13 to $15 per hour as a newbie.

This company also wants you to commit to at least 15 hours each week before you start. But it’s also possible to take it as a full-time opportunity if you want to.

Although they have frequent openings, you should be more alert to take advantage of the deal on the first try.

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4. Paperless Pipeline

Simply put, Paperless Pipeline helps real estate companies and agencies go paperless altogether.

The company designs “better real estate package management software” in the interest of its clients. Its unique ecosystem supports over 3k+ applications, including Google Spreadsheets and Quickview.

They are a small group of talented individuals located in the United States and Canada. They provide top-notch service to their global customers.

And with increasing demands, they also plan to expand the support team to unlock their full potential. It’s best if you have a background in technology, although it’s not necessary.

Right now, they mainly offer two positions for their remote workers; customer advocate and sales assistant.

Your final salary for any full-time or part-time opportunity with this company will vary based on several parameters.

In addition to native-level English proficiency, you must also have great typing speed to be selected.

5. Talk2Rep

Now revamped as Outplex, Talk2Rep has been a trusted place to look for legitimate email support jobs for a long time.

But right now, it offers both full-time and part-time opportunities for U.S. citizens. With over 25 000 certified customer support agents on board, they have a plan to expand globally in the near future.

Must have at least 50 WPM typing speed with absolute accuracy. In addition, you must also have an excellent command of the English language to ensure smooth communication with customers.

Competition is quite stiff as they receive over 2k new applications every week. Therefore, you must be top-notch to crack it.

Academically speaking, you must have a high school degree or equivalent. And technically, an up-to-date computer with a stable Wi-Fi connection will work just fine.

But even after you meet all of these criteria, you must go through a full background check before you are given final approval.

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6. Live world

All corporate giants are now fighting for their social media spaces, as everyone wants to create a strong brand presence. Live World is one such company that helps companies achieve this feat.

And as a part of this company, it mainly needs to collect customer feedback, resolve customer queries and ensure seamless customer service around the clock.

As we all know, good communication skills and excellent typing speed are a must for these FMH email support jobs. Moreover, you just need an up-to-date PC with high-speed internet connectivity to get started.

At this time, this company is primarily offering two remote openings; social media agent and freelance associate creative director.

You will get a market standard hourly rate as a freelancer for Live World. In addition, you are also entitled to medical, dental, and vision insurance from the company itself.

Believe it or not, this company not only allows flexible work schedules but also offers 401(k) and stock options.

7. Uber

When we talk about cabs, we talk about Uber, right? But do you know what Uber’s real USP is besides its incredible fleet service? It’s its unparalleled, fast-response customer service.

And now, you can also be a part of this team to get your support jobs done via email. But yes, you must commit to at least 40 hours each week as the demand is quite high.

You can directly process your application for a “community support representative” through the Uber joining portal. Once they are interested, they will contact you directly to schedule a life or phone interview.

After successfully completing your interview, you must go through a fully paid 3-day training program to enhance your skills.

Basic pay is around $10 per hour, although you can get much more with incentives.

You will also receive several additional benefits, including discounts on Uber services, paid vacation, and full 401(k) benefits. Uber is currently accepting applications from all over the world.

8. GitHub

If you are a software and app enthusiast, you must have already known about this company called GitHub.

It is a stand wherever gifted software engineers, coders, and programmers collaborate. You can simply call it a social networking platform for coders where they share and exchange programming codes.

But yes, this company is also known for its excellent customer support. And now, you can become a part of their team as they now offer email chat support jobs.

In addition to excellent communication skills, you should also have previous experience in dealing with open source programs.

Your chance of selection will increase even more if you have previous experience in handling technology clients.

Right now, this company offers many support opportunities, including account support and technical support.

And in both positions, you will get a market standard hourly rate. But the best part is that you are entitled to have full health coverage and vacancies paid for by the company itself.

9. Clear

What Siri is to iOS, Clara is to business. She is a virtual employee who works behind the accelerated growth of any business or startup.

Any businessman, entrepreneur, and startup mind can set up Clara on their associated email accounts.

And then Clara will do that rest. It helps save valuable time with automated responses and impromptu actions.

But what will your role be? This company actually hires human intelligence to power its new AI engine. The company itself says it believes in “Machine Intelligence. Human Support.”

With the rapid feeding of human-like patterns and behaviors, this company is now trying to perfect its AI. And you can also take this opportunity and start this fully remote email support job.

The selection process is simple and takes minimal time. However, it wants you to log in active between 9 am and 5 p. m. PST.

They too oftentimes show zone-specified work to support agents. But to learn about those openings, you need to keep an eye on your career segment.

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10. Capital Typing

Capital Typing entered the global market with services such as transcription, translation, and data entry.

However, they are now venturing deep into other business solutions such as customer care, administrative support, and technical support.

And for that, they now have repeated openings for their chatter and email support jobs.

You mainly need to solve your customers’ queries while working. Moreover, you may also need to troubleshoot their problems and provide impromptu solutions to make the experience seamless.

Therefore, it is best if you have prior experience in handling technology clients. The hourly rate will also vary depending on your skill set and experience.

This company offers both part-time and full-time opportunities. But yes, you should check their career page regularly as demand is quite high.

Many of their vacancies also have additional benefits and incentive schemes to ensure the overall well-being of their workers.

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11. Ok Cupid

As OkCupid itself says, it is the “world’s best dating site” where you can get your match. It only takes 2 minutes to set up a profile, and the joining process is completely free for everyone.

However, it also has a paid profile option that comes with many enhanced benefits, such as ad-free profile browsing, message filtering, and most importantly, incognito browsing.

Right now, it has more than a million active app installs, with more than 7 million messages exchanged every day.

And to support that client base, this society has recurrent openings for email support jobs. Primarily it needs to troubleshoot and resolve customer inquiries.

But from time to time, you may also need to take some phone calls.

This opportunity is completely remote and WFH. So, all you want is steady internet connectivity to get started. However, they prefer people with excellent typing speed with unparalleled accuracy.

Your final hourly rate will vary depending on several factors, including your previous experience and client handling qualities.

12. Yeomen

You may not be familiar with this growth management company called The Yeomen. But, you surely know its three main clients; Vimeo, MacRumors, and Bonfirefunds.

Yes, this company provides consulting, customer service, and community moderation services to global leaders.

They also launched their comprehensive help desk service for any business expecting accelerated growth.

When Jim Coe founded this company in 2013, he had a handful of employees. A few years ago, he was working with a small group of 20-22 people.

But now, they are expanding rapidly, so they are looking for talented email support agents to join. You must ensure an active community for your customers while you work.

And to do that, you must answer questions, interact with users and resolve queries.

Keep an eye on your career page for the vacancy as soon as it appears. But yes, there are tough hurdles to overcome during the selection process.

And if you can lock down your union, you’ll get the best hourly rate for any email support job. Special incentives and benefits are also in play.

13. Automattic

Automattic sometimes feels like a tech startup that sounds like an alien you might not know. But who doesn’t know about WordPress, WooCommerce, and Akismet; right?

Yes, this company develops CMS and WordPress plugins. But in addition to developers and coders, this company now also offers well-paying email support jobs to talented people from all over the world.

Customers of this company raise tickets when they face any problem related to Automattic products.

From difficult codes to incorrect backups, you may have to solve all kinds of customer queries while working.

Therefore, you must have prior experience in the technical support industry. You also need to have sufficient knowledge about WordPress and its plugins.

This firm has current openings for email and chats support jobs. And you can easily find it in their ‘Work with us’ segment.

Not only an excellent hourly rate for each of their positions, but this company also offers many additional benefits. You’ll get parental leave, wellness support, and paid vacation.

14. Ibotta

Money back! A simple word that can allow you a smile.! Every time you buy something, you can get cash back from this amazing platform called Ibotta.

And with its revamped look, it is now easier to find region-specific shopping deals and discounts. All you need to do is upload your purchase receipt to get the cashback in your account.

Ibotta automatically verifies and pays the rebate for each qualifying purchase.

But with a huge customer base and recent ties to e-commerce partners like Amazon and Walmart, it is now on a constant search for enthusiastic individuals looking for email support jobs.

This company already transferred more than $900 million to its users’ accounts. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about timely payment.

Although they don’t have permanent freelance jobs, Ibotta frequently has remote job openings for their customer support segment. But you certainly need to be a talisman in the industry to get a choice.

The hourly average is higher than the market standard. In addition, Ibotta also offers other benefits such as paid vacation and incentives.

15. Zapier

Wouldn’t it be amazing if an application or add-on can automatically transfer and store data in your cloud drive once you receive a new email?

Yes, Zapier does exactly that. You can now set up multiple actions in a sequence called Zaps through this unique platform

If used the right way, it will make your work as fun and easy as eating a waffle on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Available in 28 countries, this unique app is now compatible with over 3K Android and iOS apps.

And because of that, it has recently witnessed a surge in user statistics that also requires additional support force. You can take this opportunity to join the team as a customer champion to earn money.

In the US, Canada, and the UK, this app is now accepting applications to join. But you do need to have excellent customer handling skills and native-level communication skills in English.

This above-average criterion also has its own advantage. You can earn a good hourly rate with additional benefits such as 14 weeks of parental leave and vacation retreats of 2 each year.

16. TED

We all know TED for bringing us inspirational life journeys and motivational success stories. It now has about 20 million subscribers on its YouTube channel.

Ted also gets over a million views every day to its incredible library of over 3,700 motivational talks. But with that rapidly growing demand, TED is now in dire need of an expansion of customer support.

TED has its own loyal fan base that interacts directly with the company itself on a regular basis. And to enable that, it now welcomes joining applications from around the world.

Based in New York, it frequently offers remote openings for email and chats support jobs.

This company’s customer support specialists also get an industry-standard salary. In addition, it also offers several additional perks.

You can also join the technical team as a support member. It offers a better package, although you need to go through a tough selection process to get it.

You mainly need to flag bugs, report problems, and evaluate customer issues. And that’s why TED prefers candidates with previous experience in the technology industry.

17. Skill

Set aside email support jobs! Tell me; don’t you think it would be really amazing if you could create an entire software database without writing a single code?

Yes, Knack offers just that. laden with thousands of templates, anybody can create a database from scratch. Because of this unique feature, this company’s popularity skyrocketed recently.

Therefore, it is now expanding its support team. It should guide customers to use this platform in the right way to get the best result. And in return, you can get an excellent salary.

This company also offers fully paid corporate retreats in exotic locations twice a year. Working for this remote company is a pleasure in itself, as it fosters a consensus-driven culture.

At this time, it is only accepting applications from the United States. And yes, you must have at least 1 year of SaaS product experience.

You must also have excellent communication skills, proficiency in client management, and knowledge of HTML/Java to be selected.

18. Sutherland Global

If you talk about work transformation, you tell on Sutherland. It primarily offers B2B processes to global leaders.

And to ensure a seamless support experience for customers, it has a talented and efficient team of technical support and chats support specialists. Now the pretty news; it has flow openings in chatter and email support jobs.

There are many criteria to meet. First, you must be very knowledgeable in messaging platforms such as FB Messenger, WebChat, and Instagram DM.

Second, you must have a typing speed of at least 40 words per minute. Thirdly, and most importantly, he must have an impromptu decision-making quality, as these are mainly white collars in the corporate world.

All new entrants have to go through a fully paid training program. Right now, you can get around $13/hour plus incentives after joining.

And this company also offers additional benefits like 401(k), paid vacation, and flexible work schedules.

19. Indeed.

While Indeed doesn’t offer its own email chat support jobs, it’s certainly the best place to get all the consolidated data on current openings in this sector.

In addition, it now has a dedicated segment for remote and work-from-home opportunities.

Since its launch in 2004, Indeed has paved the way to become one of the top-rated job sites in the world

You can search for your preferred support job or you can browse through different categories. In addition, you can include keywords such as “at home” and “remote” to further narrow your search.

This intelligent engine now also allows you to sort results by location, salary, and experience needed.

Indeed recently introduced a job alert for its customers. You can simply create an alert for any category of your choice for any particular demographic location with a few clicks.

Once there is an opening, you will receive a real-time pop-up notification on your phone.

Also, check out the 20 best freelance apps for finding freelance jobs.

20. TeleTech

TeleTech is among the world leaders in the CX industry. With more than 61k employees, it currently operates in more than 22 countries around the world.

Best of all, they always have openings for email support jobs and chat support jobs.

However, they are currently taking applications for email jobs from nine countries, including the United States and Canada.

You can get around $13 per hour while working as support staff. However, TTEC employees reported a performance bonus of around $1k on top of that.

But yes, you must commit to at least 20 hours each week. A single shift continues for approximately 4 to 6 hours per day.

You should be a minimum of 18 years old to be capable of this job. In addition, you must also have at least a GED, high school diploma, or equivalent.

But most importantly, you must pass the Matchpoint tests to get final approval. Don’t worry; you can opt for the test after a 60-day interval, even if you fail.


Although anyone can do it, email support jobs are suitable for housewives, retirees, and students.

If you are looking for flexible work schedules, it is also the genre to grab. You can certainly pick it as a part hustle, even if you have your full-time obligation.

You can work comfortably from your home office or while traveling. Moreover, you will have additional comfort in these email support jobs if you hesitate to talk on the phone.

Most of these companies also offer part-time opportunities if you don’t want to commit all day. Therefore, you can now have the complete freedom to choose the opportunity of your preference.

Feel free to leave your queries and leave your suggestions in the comment box below.

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