Buy Bitcoin with a Visa card 2022


Buying Bitcoin with a Visa allows you to invest money in a guaranteed way and at a good time, as these methods enable you to buy this digital currency through the Internet and without the need to leave the house, so through this article, you will be able to view the purchase of Bitcoin with a Visa, in the lines coming.

Buy Bitcoin with Visa

It is well known that bitcoin is one of the digital currencies that is usually relied upon when it comes to investing money and to learn about buying bitcoin with a visa, it should be noted that the easiest way to do this is by relying on intermediary websites that are located on the Internet These sites are distinguished by the fact that they allow the customer to choose from many payment methods.

If you would like to learn about buying bitcoin with a visa, it is worth noting that some platforms allow you to easily perform this process through them, and these platforms are LocalBitcoins and BINANCE, in addition to the PAY BI platform, the CHANGELLY platform, and other methods that we will refer to in more detail Through the following lines.

1- BINANCE. platform

This platform is one of how Bitcoin can be purchased, in addition to that, it is one of the specialized platforms in the field of cryptocurrency trading worldwide, and it is worth noting that this platform allows you to buy Bitcoin and then store it in your wallet You, or it can fund your account for you to perform some operations related to currency trading, which is to conduct some transactions that include buying and selling directly.

As for the direct purchase method through this platform, it depends on the use of a Visa card or transfer through any of the banking banks, in addition to that, you can obtain bitcoin using the B2B method, which guarantees the possibility of direct purchase through some intermediaries affiliated to Platform.

In addition, the platform allows you to buy bitcoin based on more than 100 methods, which also allows you to choose from multiple options for payment, and here are the steps for buying along the following lines.

Register on the platform by creating a free account on the platform

Go to the wallet and then click on the word “portfolio overview”.

In this step, click on the “Deposit” command.

Wait a few minutes for the payment methods included in your bitcoin purchase through the platform to appear.

2- Local Bitcoins platform

One of the most important safe platforms that can be known by identifying the purchase of bitcoin with a visa, where you can buy the currency through it, store it, and then work to sell it again through the same platform. As for the payment methods, they vary between PayPal and the Visa card, in addition to the possibility of bank transfer, and below we will point out the correct steps to buy that currency through the LocalBitcoins platform:

Log in to the online platform

Then log in to see the main page, from which choose the “QUICK Buy” command.

In the blank field that will appear in front of you, type the amount of the amount you want to buy, and then choose Bitcoin.

Choose the country in which you reside, then choose from the available payment methods that appear in front of you on the screen.

Choose from among the sellers by looking at the evaluation that appears in front of you regarding the service.


If you are looking for the best way through which you can get the famous digital bitcoin, the CHANGELLY platform will help you with that, as it is one of the platforms that has a long history in this field, and therefore it has won the trust of many of its clients, and it is worth noting that Its field of work is not limited to buying and selling bitcoin only, as it provides you with the possibility of obtaining many other digital currencies.

As for the advantages that this platform includes, it supports the Arabic language in addition to allowing you to easily deal with and obtain currencies through it, and here are the necessary steps for that in the next lines.

The site is entered

Determine the amount you want to buy, and then select the currency you want to buy.

Click on the “Exchange” command, to be taken to the next page.

In the field that appears in front of you on the screen, type your wallet address, then press the “Continue” command.

In this step, you will have to type your personal information in the blank fields that appear in front of you, then press the “Continue” command.

Wait a few minutes to be taken to the page with the payment method.

4- CEX platform

Another electronic platform that allows you to buy bitcoin is located in Britain, and it is worth noting that this platform allows you to buy that currency with the possibility of payment based on two methods, either through credit cards represented in Visa Card and MasterCard, or through bank transfers, in exchange for Paying a tax fee of 2.99% of the total value of the same transaction, and below we will indicate the necessary steps to buy Bitcoin through it:

Go to the platform’s website,

You should receive an email in your mail, through which your account on the CEX platform is activated.

Attach a copy of your proof of identity, which can be your ID, passport, or even a driver’s license.

Type “I’m a customer” in the field provided.

Then write today’s date by hand and then attach a photo that includes that sheet, and then write some of your data, which includes your name, father’s name, and last name, along with some other data.

Wait for some time, and then you will have to check the messages in your email and then you will be able to buy Bitcoin through the platform.


One of the electronic platforms available on the Internet that allow you to obtain and buy bitcoin, and then this platform acts as an intermediary between the customer and the people selling those currencies.

In addition, it allows you to choose between many methods regarding the payment process, which varies between cash payment, PayPal, and Visa Card, and here are the steps needed to buy bitcoin through the PAXFUL platform in the following:

Log in to the website, then log in using your email and password, and click on the “Login” command.

You must activate your online account on the Platform; To be directed to the main page, then tick the word “Buy Bitcoin”.

Type the amount you want to buy, then choose the currency.

In this step, the payment method is selected, then click on the “Search” command.

If you want to buy bitcoin from the best sellers, click on the “Give me the best” command.

Wait a few minutes to show you the best outlets that allow you to buy bitcoin at different prices.

6- Paybis site

Paybis site

One of the sites that allows you to buy bitcoin, and some other digital currencies, in a time that does not exceed half an hour at the most, and here are the necessary steps for that in the following lines.

Log in to the platform’s website.

Send a true copy of your identity card, or any other identification documents, provided that it is not expired.

Click on the word “credit card” at the top left of the page that appears in front of you.

In this step, click on the “Start Transfer” command.

Follow the instructions in front of you, then wait a few minutes to receive a message that the operation was successful.

7- Spectro Queen website

A website that provides customers with the ability to buy digital bitcoin, in addition to that, it accepts purchases and payments through MasterCard or Visa cards, and here are the purchase steps as follows:

The website is entered

Type all your data in the fields designated for this, and make sure it is correct.

Wait a few seconds to receive a confirmation email to your email.

Attach some of the required official documents, which are a valid bank statement or utility bill

Add your credit card, click on the word “New Card”, and then enter the card information in the access designated for that.

Deposit a certain amount into your Bitcoin wallet, and select the purchase amount.

Click on “Pay with Card”, then choose the “Continue” command.

Buying Bitcoin with a Visa Card

In the following lines, we will show you the necessary steps to obtain encrypted digital bitcoin, through the banking banks that provide these currencies.

Open an account on the CoinMama platform, by logging in, typing your username and password, and here

In this step, you must write all your data in the blank fields designated for this; Until your identity is verified.

Choose the method you would like to pay through, which varies between debit cards and credit bank cards.

The amount you want to buy Bitcoin is determined by.

Enter your bitcoin wallet address, then type your credit or prepaid card information into the fields provided.

Review the data at each step to ensure its correctness, then press the “Purchase” command.

Activate Bitcoin Purchase with Visa Card

It is worth noting that all the previously mentioned electronic platforms will require you to perform this step; To be able to buy bitcoin, here are the steps below:

Attach your ID document, provided that it is valid.

A true copy of your bank statement must be sent, along with an electricity, gas, or water bill that includes your current residence.

A personal photo must be attached to the national identity card.

Thus, in the previous lines, we have indicated some information about buying Bitcoin with a visa, which will mostly be by relying on some sites on the Internet, and we have also learned together about the necessary steps to buy that digital currency that can be relied upon when it comes to investment, and we hope that We have provided you with benefit and benefit.


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