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Bitcoin Volt price today 2022, the latest update, is one of the topics that have increased search. It is worth noting that Bitcoin is a digital currency and not a physical one. If you are one of the people who want to know the price of Bitcoin Volt, you can follow this article that talks about the price of Bitcoin Volt today 2022. through our website

Factors that made it difficult to predict the price of Bitcoin

Some factors made it difficult to accurately predict the price of Bitcoin, the most important of which are the following:

Bitcoin is a fiat currency, not a physical currency; Therefore, no country or institution can control the reduction or increase of its price.

Bitcoin is a hard currency to mine; Therefore, its numbers are relatively constant, and they do not become inflated like the currencies that governments print.

Bitcoin relies on blockchain technology for encryption, which is impossible to trace or hack, which gives it high security.

Bitcoin Volt Price Today 2022 Latest Update

Bitcoin prices rise and fall at any time depending on demand and supply in the market, and for the price of Bitcoin Volt today 2022, the latest update is between 54,040 to 54,100 US dollars (850227.53 to 851171.53 Egyptian pounds).

This means that there is a fluctuation in the price in the hundreds, tens, and one places, but it is a slight fluctuation within the safe percentage, and the price is heading to rise by 3.2%

Factors that affect the price of Bitcoin

As we mentioned above, the price of bitcoin is determined by supply and demand in the market, so government agencies or institutions cannot interfere in determining its price or control the percentage of the quantity supplied to it, and several factors affect the change in the price of bitcoin, and these factors are as follows:

The price of the dollar as there is an inverse relationship between the price of the dollar and the price of bitcoin.

The price of gold as there is an inverse relationship between the price of gold and the price of Bitcoin.

Deposit interest rates.

Global epidemics such as the emerging epidemic of the Coronavirus spreading in the country.

Global economic events such as the global oil crisis occurred in the middle of 2020.

Major political events such as Britain’s exit from the European Union and the US elections.

The trend of celebrities and business leaders to invest in Bitcoin.

Factors that affected the recent rise in the price of Bitcoin

Some factors led to the rise in the price of Bitcoin recently, and these factors are as follows:

The entry of institutional investment into the bitcoin market.

Major money transfer companies have added bitcoin to their services, in addition to investing in it, such as PayPal Money Transfer Services, Square Financial Services, MicroStrategy, and the antique insurance company.

The interest of the various media in Bitcoin prices, and the publication of its price periodically, such as electronic newspapers, and television channels.

The momentum around Bitcoin is among the public on social media platforms.

Entrepreneur Elon Musk has invested in the bitcoin market and is the richest businessman in the world.

The company “Tesla Motors”, which specializes in the manufacture of electric cars, bought bitcoin for the amount of one and a half billion dollars, in addition to accepting the payment of bitcoin in exchange for the purchase of its cars.

The impact of the Corona crisis on the global economy resulted in a state of recession, which made governments resort to increasing hedge funds and buying digital currencies.

The attention of investors to the stability of the bitcoin currency, and not to increase it easily, the existing currency worldwide is 18.5 million bitcoins, and with continuous mining operations, the last limit will reach 21 million bitcoins, which will result in a rise in the price of bitcoin.

What are the ways to get bitcoin?

There are 4 main ways to get bitcoin, and the most important of these are the following:

1- Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin can be purchased from one of the following platforms:

Coinbase platform

Binance site

In this method, the investor buys bitcoins and then waits for a long period according to the market situation, which is called long-term investment, and this method is fraught with risks, as the investor has achieved many profits, or it may cause him to lose everything he owns; Therefore, the money that the investor will invest in it must be more than what he needs.

2- Investing in blockchain technology

You can get bitcoin by investing in companies based on blockchain technology, with every boom of digital currencies you can make a profit from bitcoin.

3- Accept Bitcoin Payment

If you are a remote or freelancer, you can get bitcoin by accepting to pay for your service in bitcoin.

Explanation of Localbitcoins.Com for selling Bitcoin

Explanation of the site for selling bitcoin, the local bitcoin site is one of the most important sites through which you sell bitcoins and convert them into financial profits that can be withdrawn through bank accounts within minutes, and in this article, we will show an explanation of the LocalBitcoins site. com to sell bitcoin and get money from our site as the site brings the buyer and seller closer.

Definition of LocalBitcoin platform

It is a peer-to-peer platform used to buy and sell bitcoin, meaning that this platform provides the option to buy and sell bitcoin between subscribers to the site and the platform, meaning that it is a guarantor intermediary between the two parties, in exchange for a very low commission. The site receives the lowest commission as it charges up to 0.00005 BTC, and this site is also distinguished by the fact that when buying, you can choose the currency in which your country deals, which helps to understand the price plan.

Explanation of the site to sell bitcoin

Registration is done on the Local Bitcoin website

After registration, press wallet, which means your wallet is on the site.

Then receive bitcoins and the wallet address is copied.

Then send as many bitcoins as you want to sell.

Enter the bitcoin sale page.

Then browse the rates for purchase and banks, and choose between the best rates that suit you, among the people who display the prices, provided that they have the same bank as yours.

Then the required quantity and details of the account are determined as in the following picture, and the transmission is done.

If there is no response within 90 minutes, the request will be canceled.

After completing the steps and the transfer, the access is confirmed, and then press release bitcoin so that the broker can get the bitcoin.

Cases of stopping the sale of the site

If the prices are lower than the average price in the market by a large margin, the sale should be stopped, but if the prices are close to or higher than the market prices, then this is a good option.

LocalBitcoin supports local peer-to-peer transactions

Those who trade can use the local Bitcoin cash market, which works in a peer-to-peer system with any payment method, as the non-custodial platform provides high-profit margins for both seller and buyer alike, in addition to that there are several options to facilitate users Those who live in remote places where they can pay through the Internet, but the Bitcoin cash market still supports cash transactions for people who want to complete their transactions in person.

Here, the LocalBitcoin platform announced that it has stopped supporting cash transactions, and the reason is that these changes taking place on the scene are confusing some users who want to complete their transactions in cash and personal manner.

In addition, this decision may cause risks for users who leave the security system provided by the LocalBitcoin platform and turn to use unsafe methods and means, such as the chat system on the platform or any other sites, as without a guarantee system it is possible to seize private funds On this basis, some platforms resort to a peer-to-peer system that provides a system of guarantees that are safe to use.

The LocalBitcoin platform provides a blind escrow system, meaning that it is a system that configures transactions on the network, but the funds are in a safe place. It highlights the need for non-custodial solutions to deal with cryptocurrencies.

After our topic about it, we have provided an explanation of the site for selling bitcoin in detail. We hope that we have helped you with the information we have provided to you on this subject.


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