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Fashion Designing is not limited to scissors and threads now. Technology has really made the fashion designing sector more efficient and smart. Fashion designing software automates Designing, pattern making, and helps in better product planning.

You can make use of certain software to take designing to the next level. You can make your design sketches into reality. If you are an aspiring fashion designer looking to choose the best fashion designing software for you then this article is surely for you. I have researched on the internet and then listed out the best picks for you. Let’s start:

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What Is The Need Of A Fashion Design Software?

Fashion Designing Software is not the only requirement for aspiring designers. These software are also used by professionals in this field. Let us know more about what fashion designing software can do for you:-

  1. Fashion designing software helps you in creating computer-aided digitally designed sketches.
  2. It enables designers to communicate through vision via creative designs. The editing and sketching become hands-on and easier.
  3. The blueprints created by the software can share with anyone in the world in virtual form.
  4. The software is not difficult to learn for a beginner and the errors did while designing on software can be easily corrected whereas mistakes made on paper create frustration.

Best Fashion Designing Softwares In 2021 For Professionals

Let me not waste your more time and list out the best fashion designing software. I have added the links too. You can directly visit the homepage from there. Here we go:-

1. Delogue PLM

Our Best Fashion Designing Software

Delogue PLM is designed for the apparel industry to ease the design works. You can create customized designs using this software. It is very easy to use and is a cloud-based platform.  The transparency and traceability through the development of products through designs are really very good.

The best feature that I liked most about this platform is that it allows Designers, Buyers, & productions and collaborate in the same place. The designs you create are kept in a well-organized way. Since is a paid software, you can still ask for a free demo.

Delogue PLM All-in-One PLM Solution for Apparel and Lifestyle brands

Pricing: $129.00 per month

  1. Easy to access data and knowledge
  2. Efficient workflows
  3. Integrated with other systems

2. Rhino 6

A Multipurpose Fashion Designing Software

Rhino 6 is another software that is used for designing purposes by professionals. Rhino can be mainly used for creating, editing, rendering curves, surfaces, point clouds, and meshes irrespective of the size and degree.

It is not so difficult to learn. With the help of this application, you can focus on designs and visualization without being disturbed by software.

If you are having issues with challenging IGES files then you can easily read and repair them. The software is available for both Windows and MAC devices.

Is Rhino 6 for Mac Available? Yes! It's Finally Here. | GoMeasure3D

Price: $995

  1. Very Fast In operations
  2. Runs on a simple laptop/desktop
  3. No maintenance fee

3. PatternSmith

Another Great Fashion Designing Tool

Patternsmith is software with drafting, editing, nesting, and machine control capabilities. It is a 2D drafting system developed especially for textile printing and designing.

You can import files from other systems and export them to your cutting device. It has various geometric tools such as Lines, Arcs, Freeform curves, and Polygons. The editing tools are nice with a preview.

You can initially trace over images and digitizing can be done by CadShot. Though you can do manual nesting here, you can do automatic nesting also by add-ons.

Pricing: $1000/Year

  1. Intuitive and Powerful
  2. Full 2D CAD Pattern Drafting
  3. File Import / Export
  4. Automated Pattern Clean-up

4. TUKAcad

Another Special Fashion Designing Software

TUKAcad is developed for fashion designers. It has got advanced functionality and process engineering for accurate pattern building and marker nesting. Easy integration of artworks and designs is also available.

The plot format is Adobe PDF and there is multiple size grading with automatic half-size creation. The software also includes audio as well as video tutorials for training so that you don’t feel any difficulty while using the software.

Pricing: $199 per month

  1. Yield reports with costing
  2. Unlimited pattern pieces
  3. Unlimited marker dimensions

5. EmbroideryStudio e4

A Professional Fashion Designing Software

This software is, particularly for embroidery designers. It covers all your minute designing details. If you are into apparel decorations then this software is a must for you. The creative stitching effects in this application are really very attractive.

A huge collection of embroidery fonts create advanced designs quickly. The interface is also quite simple and easy to use. you don’t need any special training for this software.

  1. Advanced Integrated Design Library
  2. Enhanced Product Visualizer and Customer Approvals
  3. NEW Creative and Technical Stitching

6. Zedonk Software

An Advanced Fashion Designing Software

Zedonk is an ERP system for the fashion designing industry. It helps organizations to easily manage the records of clients, designs, etc. It helps you in Development, Sales, Production, Inventory, Allocations, Logistics, Reporting, And support.

The software really comes on handy when you are managing a big fashion designing organization. Exporting of designs can also be done easily. Being a paid software you can book a demo for this software. I don’t think that this software is helpful for smaller businesses.

  1. An efficient tool for brand management
  2. Friendly and experienced support team

7. C-DESIGN Fashion

Simple to Use Fashion Design Software

C-Design Fashion is a software that allows you to simplify your fashion designing schedule. There are no. of products and designs in a fashion designing organization.

This tool helps you in organizing all the utilities in one place with no confusion so that you can search them easily when you require them.

You can collaborate with your colleagues too. The teams created can Plan, control, and validate purchasing strategies. This makes it even better.

  1. Centralizes all product data
  2. Product supply management
  3. Strategic purchasing management

8. Techpacker

Time-Saving Fashion Designing Software

Techpacker is another software application that is used to save time with the help of pre-defined packs or sheets. Fashion designers find it quite boring to create flat sketches and condensed wordings. Arranging sizes and then differentiating them is really a hefty task, techpacker has made it really simple for you. You can invite all your team on this platform and also integrate with others to make your tasks easier.

Price: $49/month

  1. Express ideas visually
  2. Collaborate with others

9. CLO3D

Another advanced Fashion Designing Software

Clo3D is futuristic pattern making software. It gives a way to visualize your designs in 3d preview for further eliminations.

You just need to select a 3D avatar that is available in different shapes and sizes and start importing patterns or create one of your own. You can do final pairing, select fabric, and then join together in a 3d environment.

Pattern adjustment can be done nicely. One month free trial is also available. You can check it out.

Pricing: $99/Month

  1. Sample selections
  2. A good collection of shapes

10. Adobe Illustrator

All In One Fashion Designing Software

Adobe Illustrator is meant for graphic designers but fashion designers also use it for creating flat sketches that you can put up on a sheet and then share with your team members.

The designs created can be shared easily shared with the manufacturer too and designs are not very difficult to understand.

Illustrator software is also very easy to use as you just need a basic knowledge of brushes, fonts & shapes. Adobe illustrator is a paid software and you can download it from their official site.

Pricing: $30/month

  1. Advanced Vectors
  2. Various file formats
  3. Easy user interface.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does It Require Special Training For Using These Fashion Designing Softwares?

This totally depends upon the software you are using. Though the software mentioned above is very easy to use for newbies, there is training that is given by respective software at the time of purchase.

You can use that or you can also refer to blog sections from the respective software websites. There are how-to guides available over the internet.

If you are into professional fashion designing then I would suggest you buy a particular course for that and if you are just a newbie playing around then you can explore the application by yourselves and take help from youtube videos and blogs. 

What Are Various Tasks Performed By Fashion Designing Softwares?

Here is a list of various tasks that are performed by different fashion designing software. Here we go:

  1. Create digital fashion illustrations
  2. Fashion Design Samples Collection
  3. Improving the productivity of an organization
  4. Designing Labels And Branding Related Artwork
  5. Efficient Prototype Development

The Final Words

The fashion industry is quite bigger than our imaginations With the increase in population there is an increase in the demand for apparel. This increase in demand for products has really made this industry a technology-driven.

Designs are being created digitally now. And there are certain degrees that are being offered in digital fashion designs. To cope up with the trend of technology you need to learn the specific softwares that are being used.

I have tried to list all the trending fashion design softwares that are in huge demand in current industry positions. If you are still in confusion about which one to choose then you can surely tell me in the comments section. I will surely guide you. 



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